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Sunset Clutch
She's mine.

#1 Swablu Shiny/Morph Female
Morph makes its body super fluffy and gives it gradient markings on its feather/cloud tips and stripes on its beak/feet.
Shiny makes its wings the color of clouds at sunset.

Father: Aquila Ref Sheet by cosmonstars
Mother: Xin (22) by grasssnake485

Base Attack : 11
Clutch ID : 19178
[A-P] Turner Knowles Ref

Turner Knowles



job | ★★★

name | Turner Knowles
nickname | Deer (see trivia)

species | Skinwalker
age | 23

birthdate | May 4th, 1995


gender | Varies, Currently Male (see trivia)

height | 6’0” (182cm)
weight | 177lbs (80kg)

alignment | lawful evil

tarot | Ten of Swords


Skills & Battle

{ shapeshifting | monster’s gaze | deer skin }

{ HP [20/20] | STR [3/5] DEF [3/5] | SPD [3/5] | INT[5/5] | CHA [1/5] }




| Shapeshifting |

By donning the skin of an animal, they turn into that animal. No skin, no animal shapeshifting. Skins can be stolen or confiscated just like any other physical object. Skins must be on their person and do not magically teleport to them or become absorbed. In shapeshifted form, they have the natural powers of the dead creature. If it's a normal bear skin, then they do normal bear stuff. Non-physical forms of magic that must be learned by the animal, such as a witch's spells, are not carried over; he has no magical talent. Physical stuff, such as a dragon's flame from a fire gland or something, can be carried over.


Currently they only possess a normal deer skin. It is old and from pre-apocalypse, thus has no special abilities. Damage to any skins is a permanent scar on that form, plus the wound affects their main form. When a form takes overall damage equal to a lethal amount for that animal (even if the skin itself is since repaired between battles), the skin is destroyed. In the case of clothing, it must contain 51% or more of a single animal's skin to count towards the shapeshifting ability. He can also only wear one skin at a time, but may eventually acquire a bag or something to carry extra skins in. Saying his true name will break the transformation.


| Monster’s Gaze |

By staring into something's eyes, the opponent's fight/flight/freeze instincts are activated (determined by target's nature, not by him). If they freeze up, this spell is broken when the skinwalker moves/blinks or when an outside force (positive or negative) touches the target. The freeze can also be broken by saying the skinwalker's true name. Since this is an ability that automatically activates when he feels threatened, he constantly hides his eyes with his current skin and averts his gaze if the skin ever falls off.


| Current Weapon: Deer Skin |

He does not use conventional weapons, instead opting to use the natural weapons of the animal he possesses. In the case of his current and main skin, a male deer/stag, he uses the hoofs and antlers of the animal to strike at his foes. Since his current skin is male, he prefers for people to call him male. This changes according to what skin he is wearing.


More commonly, he avoids conflict for the sake of self-preservation by using the agility and nimbleness that a deer form grants him. In the case of a deer, he falls victim to the ‘freeze’ effect in surprise ambushes. If he knows the sort of predator or threat, he will flee. While he personally does not fear battle, the animal instincts override any personal traits for at least three minutes. This can be quite comical when the threat is just an unexpected loud noise. Due to the instinctual evil of skinwalkers, the negative traits of an animal will linger even after transformation. Again, this can be pretty comical when he becomes territorial of a nice-looking patch of grass.


| Other Weapon: Regular Knife |

This is just a knife that he has. There’s nothing special about it and he’s not even good at using it. Never actually used in battle.


| Weaknesses |

If his skins are lost or destroyed, he is quite helpless and nothing more than a human with potential energy and a terrible gaze. Negative animal instincts will override his personality outside of transformation for a few hours; if they are triggered they can last up to three minutes before he can intervene. They will always be triggered while within animal form. He has a horrible aura which drives away even the kindest of strangers and certainly any passive animals. He will sometimes activate his gaze on accident, forcing him to hide his eyes at all times to prevent friendly fire.



| upbringing |

When Turner was born, his powers were not quite apparent. He came from a family of Gorgons, Nephilim, Djinni, Demons, and generally cruel things going back all the way to the 1900s. With no apparent physical alterations to his body, the only thing outstanding about him was the ominous aura that surrounded him and the nervousness that he instilled in others. His obsession with the dead also led people to speculate that he was some sort of Wendigo or Quetzalcoatl that feasted upon the deceased, and simply hadn’t manifested his physical traits yet.


It all came to a head when one of the family pets died. When he was found parading around in its skin, he was quickly reprimanded and then given proper tutelage. This skinwalker took him as a disciple and out of Skaalstein. He taught him to travel the wild and many of the traits of beasts that would aid him or hinder him. This teacher also imparted the ancient deer skin to him—a remnant of a past without monsters. It’s old and dusty, but it works. The rituals practiced by skinwalkers are decidedly evil, even compared to the crimes of Skaalstein. Bones were made into poisons, curses using pieces of the dead would kill unwitting passersby, and murder was a given.


Turner became frustrated with the murder involved in these rituals and eventually parted ways with his teacher when they passed close to Solvus. The parting was brief, and his teacher made clear that he would never appear before Turner again. The only skinwalker ability that he retained from his teacher is the ability to shapeshift easily between skins. While traveling with his teacher, his Monster’s Gaze and ghoulish skin (the only physical traits of a skinwalker's main form) also manifested.



| solvus and the liberators |

Upon arriving to Solvus, the guards were quite confused, but permitted him entry. He went into the care of the city-state and quickly caught up on his schoolings, thanks in part to his inability to socialize and thus having nothing better to do than study. Once he graduated high school, he purchased an apartment for himself and started to lead a normal life.


His need to journey and his darker instincts started to gnaw at him, growing increasingly strong as the years went by. He keeps it at bay with basic leatherworking, fashioning clothes for himself out of skins purchased from local tanners and leatherworking shops. He made a living selling leather novelties like bound journals, boots, purses, chokers, light armor, pants, and so on. As his instincts continued to grow, he heard of the Liberation.


Without a second thought, he registered to join the Liberation. It would help him study the flora and fauna of the world and give a purpose to his natural instincts. He doesn’t look forward to killing things as a body guard, but he does like the prospect of helping others and potentially reverting the world to its former state (a one in which he would have no evil disposition).




ISTP, the Virtuoso

faithful | honest | protective | responsible | observant

unsociable | odd | smells like a leather shop | lawful evil | creepy


Despite his somewhat criminal past, he considers himself well-adjusted to normal life. Thanks to his teacher, he can justify his actions without too much angst. His nature keeps him from killing others—even animals—but what’s done is done if he happens upon a body. He will also defend himself and others with no qualm, animal instinct permitting.


He is undoubtedly awkward during conversations, and not because of his upbringing. He instinctively says off-putting things without meaning to and remains oblivious to it even after he says them. He is incredibly unaware of the feelings of those around him and will not mince words in any situation. This makes him a horrible liar, and thus, pretty trustworthy…despite his oddities. On top of not lying, he will stay true to any words and promises, going as far to keep a detailed (and creepy) book on all social obligations.


It isn’t unusual for him to try and manipulate others to his own benefit, though this has never resulted in anything nefarious. He is incredibly goal driven and understands the strengths and weaknesses of those around him, ensuring maximum compatibility during missions.




Turner’s Field Guide


For his own entertainment, he keeps track of the flora, fauna, and characters he encounters around the globe. Fauna in particular get detailed knowledge about their strengths and weaknesses, and should he obtain the skins of that particular animal, he will have a general idea about how to use it. Unfortunately, he cannot guarantee the accuracy of the knowledge he imparts upon the book, especially with the unpredictability of wildlife. Some of his information is outright wrong and based in myth, unbeknownst to him. Plenty of pages have scratch marks or are torn out entirely.


Perhaps the most unusual part about this journal is the detailed information that he gathers about his enemies and allies alike. He keeps track of various things like schedules, diet, desires, social obligations, and any trivia he encounters. It is quite possible he spends more time writing about his social relationships than actually socializing. He will also put in rumors and things that he eavesdropped.


Naturally, he keeps all of the information stored in this notebook private. Part of it is because of the detail (and strangeness) of the information contained…but it also has to do with the quality of accompanying sketches. To put it simply, he’s a fervent artist, but not a good one. The exterior of the notebook is made of deep brown leather, with untreated leather knots keeping it closed while not in use.




music | folk…

style | primal…

likes | doodling | leatherworking | writing

dislikes | killing | disrespect of the dead | being called by his true name

dominant hand: ambidextrous | color: brown | gemstone: amber |

He wears normal clothes under all the fur.

Due to his inherited nature, he does not possess any sort of charisma. In fact, you could say he actively drives others away—especially passive animals and people with wild instincts. This makes hunting nigh impossible for him and friendships kind of difficult.

Turner’s voice is quite neutral and can be taken as either male or female. As far as the two major sexes go, they are literally interchangeable and thus of trivial meaning to him. If he is wearing a female skin, he expects people to use she/her out of courtesy to the perished animal, and vice versa.


On that note, he prefers people call him by the species of the animal he wears (thus his main nickname, “Deer,” for the deer skin he constantly wears). He avoids telling others his true name, as the utterance of such can have disastrous effects on his powers. In order to gain the trust of the Liberation, he revealed it to all of them, but he will become upset if he is not called Deer or the name of his current animal.


Despite his nature, he greatly dislikes killing animals. He will prepare carcasses for tanning and transport the corpses to a tanner, but will not kill them for the purpose of using their parts—even for food. If he happens upon a freshly dead animal, he will make sure no parts of it go to waste in whatever way he can. This is especially weird when said animal was sentient. He does not eat sentient animals because that would be strange, but if no one is looking…he might grab a bone or two for rituals. This is obviously frowned upon, but he is not a saint by any means.


He practices his own ritual using the bones of the deceased and attempts to grant them peace and passage to the afterlife. Since the ritual is made up, he has no idea if it works, but it helps him feel at peace when using an animal’s remains. Because he keeps his eyes concealed to avoid hitting others with Monster’s Gaze, no one really knows what his face looks like. That’s probably for the best.





Name: Ezra or whatever you feel like

Timezone: CST (GMT-5?)

Preferred Style: Para (whatever size is needed but at least a few sentences and at max three paragraphs)

Contact: Telegram, dA notes, Discord

Note: I don’t enjoy drawing gore or writing about it, so don’t expect anything beyond your typical battle fare. You can feature him in art without permission, but do NOT draw his actual eyes. They are squick to most people and I don’t even think I will draw them (to the extent that I won’t even describe them unless a mod requests). If his animal skin falls off he will cover them with his hands.



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